Forró in LA
Fábio, Marialice, Andrea, Reyes

Hello! We are Brazilian Forró [foh-all] dance and music lovers!

Forró in LA
Andrea Lopasso, Fabio Santana, Marialice Jacob and Reyes Rodriguez.

We are “Forrozeiros” living in Los Angeles.

Andrea and Fabio are experienced Forró dancers and instructors. They have been dancing for almost than 10 years in the Forró scene, have participated in different competitions and demonstrations, and have taught Forró in São Paulo and now teach in Los Angeles.  They started Forró in LA when they moved to Los Angeles, and later on was joined by Marialice & Reyes.

Marialice also dances forró, and loves sharing her culture. She has been participating, promoting, organizing and managing all things culture from music to dance, and art in Los Angeles for many years.  She believes that diversity and multi-culturalism in the arts – whether dance, music, visual or performance … can bring people together in positive, healthy, respectful and joyful ways.

Reyes is a visual artist and a world music alchemist. He is the director and founder of Tropico de Nopal Gallery-Art Space and has been promoting art and culture in Los Angeles for many years. He is also known as a World Music “djist” (Ecléctica, Art & Grooves), having a vast knowledge, feel and taste for World and Brazilian Music in particular. His vinyl and CD library can take you traveling for days throughout the Americas, North, Central and South and a few other places around the globe.

We came together because, well… we love Forró dance and music! Specially the stuff that comes from its original place, the Northeast of Brazil. Always honoring the vision and contributions of the “King of Baião” Luis Gonzaga, our most revered Dominguinhos along with all the other amazing artists who have put Forró on the map in and outside of Brazil creating a global following and family. We thought we would give it a try, and get it going in Los Angeles too by teaching classes,  organizing Forró events, and bringing people together to dance and share this part of our Brazilian culture. We hope to have a Forró Mob event in the heart of Los Angeles soon!!!  So, join us and become a Forrozeira ou Forrozeiro too, and #vamosforroziar!